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Counseling Center

Counseling Center


Dan L. Rose

Dan L. Rose, Psy.D.

Dr. Rose is the CSU Counseling Center's Director. He is a licensed psychologist.

Cheryl Yatsko

Cheryl Yatsko, Ph.D.

Dr. Yatsko is also a licensed psychologist. She is the CSU Counseling Center's Assistant Director and the Coordinator of Program Evaluation.


Mrs. Oula Majzoub-Weaver

Mrs. Weaver is the Center's Coordinator of Crisis Assessment and Career Counseling Services. If you are undecided about your major or want to switch your major but are unsure what to select, please make an appointment with Mrs. Weaver. She will be happy to assist you in this process.

katie dickinson picture

Katie Dickinson-Rossello, Psy.D.

Dr. Rossello is the Coordinator of Testing Services and Director of Training. In order to receive academic accommodations through Center for Accommodation and Access, the Board of Regents requires an extensive battery of tests to be administered which can take 8 - 12 hours of testing. The results of the tests determine the diagnosis and appropriate services.

Please contact the Center at 706-507-8740 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rossello or for more information.

 Kimberly Melson, LAPC, NCC

Ms. Melson is the Coordinator of Outreach and Prevention. If you are interested in having a presenter come to your class or organization to speak about mental health issues, including substance abuse, please contact her via email or the Counseling Center's main line, 706-507-8740.



Christy Cook

Ms. Cook is the Administrative Assistant/Office Manager for the Counseling Center. If you have questions concerning the Center, please feel free to e-mail her. She will respond as soon as possible, or you may call 706-507-8741. However, you should call the Center to make an appointment to see a therapist, sign up for a workshop, or make an appointment to take the Strong Interest Inventory.

 Danielle Edmonds-Stinson

Mrs. Edmonds-Stinson is the Secretary for the Center. Please call the office and speak with her if you wish to make an appointment with one of the therapists. Do not send e-mails requesting appointments. Due to the confidential nature of the Center, we cannot make appointments over e-mail.
If you have an appointment but cannot keep it, please call Mrs. Edmonds-Stinson and let her know so that she can notify your therapist and reschedule you; otherwise, you may lose your appointment slot.

The office number is 706-507-8740.

Part-Time Therapists

  • Dr. Tristen Hyatt
  • Mr. Kevin White

Counselor Interns

Spring 2018
  • Ms. Haidi Song
  • Mr. Jerrurod Paul
  • Ms. Kara Cullefer
  • Ms. Lizzie Thomas
  • Mr. Matt Gladney
  • Mr. Oussama Zoghlami
  • Ms. Robyn Bates
  • Ms. Samantha Chace
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